HazardCall is always ON, just like your smoke detector. We are your 'storm detector'. We notify you when the National Weather Service says you are in danger.

But only if your community is threatened, not other parts of your county or state.  No false alarms and unnecessary alerts.

HazardCall only calls you when a Tornado Warning is issued affecting your specific location; text and/or email alerts for all other chosen weather notifications. When we call, answer! It could save your life.


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With  HazardCall, we will only CALL you when a warning is issued for a true  LIFE THREATENING event.  We use phone calls to get your attention since  they are always noticed.  We always call from the same (866) phone  number.  Text messages and/or emails deliver other  important  notifications.

Why You Can TRUST HazardCall

Proven Service that has a track-record of saving lives.

HazardCall is powered by WeatherCall Services, who have an unmatched record for providing severe weather alerts to the nation.In business for 10 years and we have made over 30 million phone calls; And 10% of those calls are for Tornadoes in the middle of the night when most people are sleeping!Many of the nation's largest companies use WeatherCall to protect their employees and business.Over 100,000 customers have come to trust this service. They know that when they get their call, the weather WILL GET BAD. 

• And now this service is available for you from your community at no charge.


When the National Weather Service issues watches and warnings, they only include those areas that are threatened.  Your weather radios, government cell phone alerts and most apps deliver non-area-specific warnings.  This means you often hear alerts for places that are not near where you live.  This causes frustration and a lack of trust.

When you get an alert from Hazard Call, it is specific and for you; not for someone in a distant part of your county or state.  It means you need to prepare or act immediately.  Users learn that when they get a Hazard Call alert via phone, text or email, we mean business, and it is time to take action.

Your community is so concerned for your safety, they have purchased this just for you.


Dangerous Weather Should NEVER Be a Surprise

HazardCall is always monitoring for development of dangerous or impactful weather.  It will inform you when a threat is developing so you can plan accordingly.  By the time warnings are issued, you will know of the threat, and started thinking about your actions well in advance.  We give you what fast moving weather and other weather services and apps won't... TIME.

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When to Seek Shelter

Let us start with this simple premise.  If a strong to violent EF3-EF5 tornado is bearing down on you, there are no assurances of safety or survivability unless you are below ground or in a concrete and steel reinforced building designed for tornadic winds.  This would be considered the "Best Possible Shelter".  This includes all manufactured as well as stick-built homes.  Your safety is only assured by your getting out of the wind and debris path.  We also know that there is no way to know a tornado's strength when a warning is issued.  So we suggest you treat sheltering for every tornado warning the same.

In reality, most people do not have access to "Best Possible Shelter", but the best of what is available.  When you feel threatened by dangerous weather, while there are historic rules of 'do's and don'ts', many may not apply to your specific situation.  For some, sheltering in your existing manufactured home may be the best option you have at the time.  For others, who do not feel safe there, it could be to get in your vehicle and drive away from the threat.  Still for others it may be a nearby concrete building, 24/7 business or even a low-lying ditch or ravine.

Some communities in some states in the US have community shelters established, while most have none.  There are as many options you may choose as there are people deciding upon them.  Only YOU can decide what is the safest for you.  And only HazardCall can best notify you when you need to take action.

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New Unique Service

HazardCall is an important new service provided to you at no charge, by your community.

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The National Weather Service has a program called Weather Ready Nation.  On this site you can learn how to be prepared for every impactful weather situation.

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